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Hunt for what makes you come alive

2014 is off to an exciting start and I didn’t see any of it coming.

Tomorrow I’m about to say a huge “HELL YES” to joining the Alive Tribe – a creative collective of ambitious entrepreneurs setting out to discover just how far we can push ourselves over the next 6 months.

We’ll evaluate every aspect of our lives, create game plans for growth, ideate for our projects, and connect with each other to learn and offer support throughout the unknown journey that awaits us. Did I mention there are two retreats? One to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and the other, Tuscany, Italy.

When I got the email invitation from Amber to apply for the Alive Tribe the excitement hit me immediately. Let me set the scene for you:

The Tao of Apps: Recap From Social Media Camp

First of all, a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by to listen to myself and @jngsta blab about apps. We had a wicked fun time presenting and chatting with you guys!

Here’s a look back at some of the ways you can start using apps and social media more mindfully to reach your goals.

Recap and resources

We’re being foolish.

  • Spending too much time on our phones
  • Not being present during face time with friends and family
  • Becoming slaves to notifications
  • Consuming too much information, becoming victims to our endless news feeds,
  • Automating human interactions

How can you turn this around?

Start making apps work for you.

Choosing Apps

Cents vs. Mint:

Cents – quick setup, very simple use-case, but requires you to develop new behaviours (opening the app and recording a purchase each time you buy)

Mint – lengthy setup, robust features and financial info, uses existing behaviour (simply spend, and transactions appear in Mint, your budgets etc.)

Before you use a new app, ask “Why” 5 times. Drill down to your true motives and needs. Find the apps that make the most sense for you. Spending a little time up-front to get more out of the app in the long run is usually worth it.

Hacking your workflows

1) IFTTT – If this then that

Connect tons of different apps you use everyday to automate routine processes.

2) Tweet Adder – Rapidly grow your twitter following

The concept is simple. Find influencers who your target audience follows. Tell Tweet adder to follow anyone who is following “X”.

Note: Tweet Adder 4 (released a few days ago) doesn’t allow automatic following/unfollowing anymore; however, they make it dead simple to turn your mouse into an automatic weapon and rapid fire click to follow/unfollow. There’s also some really great new unfollow features which they copied from a tool called Managefilter.

3) How to be awesome on social media in 20 minutes a day

This hack was originally created by @leowid:

5 Minutes: Find the best content from your networks

Use‘s daily email digest and Feedly (for long-tail blogs). You can also supplement this with Twitter lists and Prismatic. Tip: do this first thing in the morning.

5 Minutes: Share more effectively with Buffer

Buffer the top stories out to your networks. Buffer helps you spread your tweets out throughout the day and gives you solid analytics. They also write a killer blog, and have make the best share button plugin for WordPress.

Note: Use Tweriod with Buffer to tweet at the best times for your followers.

10 Minutes: Engage, comment, like, retweet

At the end of your day respond to the people who interacted with you. Be valuable, be human.

Changing your behaviour

Super interesting reads:
Guy reflects after spending one year with NO internet
Are you feeling overwhelmed? (Chris Brogan)
Interesting stats on the noise today

Turning off notifications (only keep important ones):
Sunrise calendar app
theScore sports app
Do not disturb mode

Publish Mindfully:
Path – for your closest friends

Use themes:
Maddie the dog on Instagram
Will Sasso on Vine

Consume mindfully:
Twitter lists
Facebook acquaintances
Facebook interest lists

Thanks again to everyone at Social Media Camp. We had a blast!

Finding Your Groove

Showtime in Mexico City – Photo by @delgadonatalia

The other day I read a post my friend Teresa wrote called Building Self-Confidence: You Can’t Fake Cool, You Have To Feel It. It’s a short story about her trying a hip hop dance class for the first time and learning some unexpected lessons. Her takeaways were solid and I love it for three reasons:

1. She tried something new (it’s crazy how many people stop doing this)
2. It was something outside of her comfort zone, and
3. She grew her confidence from a place of vulnerability

As a dancer, I totally connected with the lessons she talked about and it stirred up a lot of thoughts I’ve had, recently and in the past, so I wanted to whip up this little response. Plus, it’s about time I get writing again.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it

“In between songs, Eric gave the class mini-pep talks. And while you’d think they would be about dancing, he barely talked about the movement, techniques or steps at all. In fact, the whole point of the class wasn’t about dancing at all. It was about feeling good, building confidence and believing in yourself – whether that’s on the dance floor or in the business realm.”

Word. Amen. Thank you. There’s so much more to dancing, and life, than moves, actions, steps or tricks. Whenever I’m teaching a breakin’ class, one of the first things I tell my students is: learn how to dance, not just breakdance. Movements will only get you so far. You need to learn the foundations. In dance, it’s music. In life, it’s yourself.

The groove of a dance is it’s essence. What do I mean by groove? The groove is how you ride the music, the flavour or sauce you put on the steps, the character and soul you put into your movements – the visual feeling you create. The groove of a dance is what makes salsa look different than breaking, ballet different than jazz, and the running man different than the moonwalk. If you look at the steps between a lot of different dances, an incredible amount of them are the exact same. The only difference is the groove someone throws on the steps and the individual character they embrace. Character is what confidence looks like.

Confidence and character take practice. “Go into your room, turn on some music and get used to how your body wants to move to it” is what I recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to dance. Why? Dancing isn’t about knowing a whole bunch of steps, just like social confidence doesn’t come from a three-step action plan. The best dancers can freak the simplest step and make it look incredibly fresh. They make the hard stuff look easy and the easy stuff look hard.

The key is learning how your body likes to respond to music. It’s not about copying someone else, it’s about figuring it out on your own terms – whatever makes sense to you. Once you get in touch with how you like to feel music, confidence is a natural by product. Confidence and character come from understanding yourself. If you’re not feeling yourself and your body doesn’t believe in what you’re doing, it shows.

If there are two b-boys battling and one of them has his head down the whole time, won’t look the other in the eye, and then finishes by turning around and walking back to his side, you can bet that the other guy who stared down his opponent, faced him while doing his moves, and then postured at the end will be the winner – exactly the same reason a girl will choose the most confident guy out of two dudes who use the same opening line. It’s not about what you do, it’s how you do it.

Crash and Create

90% of the time on lookers have no clue when a good dancer screws up. Why? because good dancers don’t stand up, say “FUCK!” and walk off. They rolllllll with it like it never happened. It doesn’t even cross their mind that they could acknowledge the fact they slipped-up.

It is a fact that the vast majority of people will be completely oblivious to most of the mistakes you make, unless they’re incredibly obvious like slipping and landing on your back. And even then, you should pretend like it was all apart of your act. Keep them guessing and you’re doing your job. So many incredible new ideas have come from mistakes: be they footwork patterns, b-boy tricks, scientific discoveries, or new products like 3M’s failed glue, now called sticky notes. As we say in the b-boy community: “crash and create”. Rock it out.

Nobody really knows…

In the last few years I’ve made a life-changing observation. There is an incredible illusion surrounding people who make things happen. You think they’re some how better than everyone else, but after a while you begin to realize how many of them really don’t have a fucking clue at what they’re doing, yet they’re extremely successful. They work with what they’ve got and the little that they know. Being comfortable with that is the key ingredient that everyone else is missing. I’ve seen it over and over. The pattern repeats.

Nobody’s perfect, nobody knows everything, and everyone’s self conscious – accept yourself. Figure out how you like to groove; and if you crash, create. Stay true, be you. Let yourself be vulnerable.

That’s confidence.

Copyright © Robin Campbell 2014