Hunt for what makes you come alive

2014 is off to an exciting start and I didn’t see any of it coming.

Tomorrow I’m about to say a huge “HELL YES” to joining the Alive Tribe – a creative collective of ambitious entrepreneurs setting out to discover just how far we can push ourselves over the next 6 months.

We’ll evaluate every aspect of our lives, create game plans for growth, ideate for our projects, and connect with each other to learn and offer support throughout the unknown journey that awaits us. Did I mention there are two retreats? One to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and the other, Tuscany, Italy.

When I got the email invitation from Amber to apply for the Alive Tribe the excitement hit me immediately. Let me set the scene for you:

In mid October 2013, I had just come off an incredible five and half week high, traveling with one of my best friends through Sri Lanka, India, Germany and Paris, only to get laid-off the next day from my job managing marketing for a tech startup. After weeks of soul searching and brainstorming I finally decided to start a new project with my bro called the Dance Dojo (more on this soon!). I’m now left with a blank slate for 2014 and the challenge of starting a new business. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. It’s time to see what I’m capable of.

I’ve been following Amber’s thoughts for a year or so now, and her energy just vibes with me. She’s vulnerable, honest, humble and she puts her whole being into what she believes: that everyone one of us needs to come alive, live our true selves and find our meaningful pursuit. That’s exactly what I want to do. I needed to check this Alive Tribe thing out.

I read through the short doc, opened the application, spilled out my goals for 2014, and explained why the Alive Tribe was my vibe. After a quick trip to the grocery store I came back to an email from Amber. Damnnn, girl works fast. We hopped on a call and had great chat for about an hour. It all sounded good. All that was left to do was take weekend to think it over and give her an answer by Monday. It’s about a 15k financial outlay, after all.

I talked through the idea with my bro and a couple close friends and it became immediately clear what my decision was. It’s going to be tough, but I need to do this. Here’s my thought process:

People are everything

After traveling SE Asia and beyond with an amazing group of friends and venturing through Cuba solo, I’ve realized that the most important thing in the world to me is people. The people you surround yourself with make or break your mood, attitude, energy – you’re entire life. And they have an extra special effect on the path you take, including if you get to where you want to be, or not.

The relationships, connections and dynamic that can come from an ambitious group of people, hungry to live and accomplish, is un-quanitfiable. I’ve always wondered about life-coaching, mentorship and mastermind groups and if they could help me get to where I want to be. This is my chance to try one out. It’s an experiment. A new experience.

Money is just a tool

Yup, it’s a load of cash, but at the end of the day, If I can’t bounce back from 15k, what can I really do? I’ve clearly got bigger problems, if that’s the case. And to let money be the deciding factor when a big opportunity is on the table is short-sighted. Don’t be so afraid of losing, that you lose.

Here’s the worst case scenario, as I see it:

  • I meet a group of new and interesting people
  • go on two trips to beautiful places I’ve never been
  • learn a lot,
  • and come out dead broke.

Not half bad. And on the other hand, the upside could be endless, multiplying my investment of time, money and energy a hundred fold – through new connections, a sense of direction and an expanded comfort zone.

I’ve learned the hard way to always trust my gut. And this feels right.

But above all, I’ve decided to live my life by one guiding principle:

Regret the things you do, not the ones you didn’t, or were too afraid to try.

Yes, I’m afraid, I’m nervous and I’m also incredibly excited to push myself past my boundaries to places I’ve never been. And if I passed this up I know deep down I’d always wonder…

‘What if’?

I have so much room to grow and no idea where this adventure is going to take me. I’m 100% ready to show up.

Am I ready to come alive? Hell fucking yes!

What’s holding you back from going after what you really want?

I’m excited to share my honest reflections of this upcoming adventure. It’s going to be a roller coaster, that’s for sure. Good thing I like them =)

Stay tuned for updates!

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