Why you shouldn’t marry your high school sweet heart, and if you do, get a divorce.

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When In M̩xico РSaving Tortugas 101

I’ve wanted to release tortugas since I spent a month in Mexico last December and heard you could help liberate them. The stats on this are quite staggering. The Californian lady who helped run the tortuga camp – where they protect the eggs until they hatch – along with the local biologists, told us that there used to be 250 odd species of sea tortugas. Thanks to poachers there are now only 8 left. That’s not all…

(Photo: Natalia Delgado)

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Why Noobs Win

Because they are fresh, they don’t act like gurus and they absorb their surroundings with a beginner state of mind. They realize that to move forward they’re going to make mistakes, so they might as well hurry up and make them.

The gurus are the one’s who won’t take a step backwards; they are done with making mistakes and enjoy the comfort of thinking they know, but that is a mistake. Teachers are especially susceptible to this, and must realize it.

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