Finding Your Groove

The other day I read a post my friend Teresa wrote called Building Self-Confidence: You Can’t Fake Cool, You Have To Feel It. It’s a short story about her trying a hip hop dance class for the first time and learning some unexpected lessons. Her takeaways were solid and it’s definitely worth the quick read. I love it for three reasons:

1. She tried something new (it’s crazy how many people stop doing this)
2. It was something outside of her comfort zone, and
3. She grew her confidence from a place of vulnerability

As a dancer, I totally connected with the lessons she talked about and it stirred up a lot of thoughts I’ve had, recently and in the past, so I wanted to whip up this little response. Plus, it’s about time I get writing again.

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A short lesson in getting press

Everyone wants it.

Getting covered in the press is a game, and business, of eyeballs. Do you have what they want?

The other day, my Tapstream homie Mack and listened-in on a mentor session Jerrid Grimm, the VP of Client Service at Newad gave at Launch Academy (the sweet place we work out of). It was about how the advertising industry works, and how to go about buying and selling ads as an option to monetize or market your business. Pretty interesting.

What was even more interesting than the knowledge Jerrid was dropping though? The fact that he said he saw Tapstream in every major industry publication he read last week. Even if that was a slight exaggeration, hey, we’ll take it. So, how did that happen?

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I Called a Guy a Noob and He Hired Me

Weird right?

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