Exactly a year after joining the Summify team, that journey has come to an end and I’ve found myself with a new team. One that I’m just as excited about. So how’d I end up at Tapstream? Funny story. I called a guy a noob and he hired me.

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In June 2011, I joined two Romanian hackers and ex Google interns, on their quest to build the next layer of the social internet: relevancy and content curation. Summify is your social news summary. Plunk in your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Readers accounts and POOF! The algorithms go to work and pump out your personalized social news summary, showcasing your top five to ten stories of each day or every few hours, via the web or on your mobile.

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Filthee Feet 10 Year Anniversary

In celebration of 10 years with my crew, we hosted the Filthee Feet 10 Year Anniversar on July 1-3, 2011. Famous Circle organized the event and we enjoyed getting down with our friends from across the country and even, Japan! All most all of the original crew members came out to chill together and it was a great time, looking back on our accomplishments over the years and kicking back with the people we love vibing with. Watch the video here…

Image by Arthur Tiojanco

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