The First Step Is To Think: Questions and Insight To Get You Started

I never read much until my third year of University when I sat in on a presentation by Andrew Hewitt, author of The Power of Focus for College Students and then 24-year-old millionaire, at the University of Victoria. Although I was heading into the Entrepreneurhsip program, my ideas of career direction and opportunity were rather inside-the-box, status-quo and undiscovered. What does being “rich” mean? Why do people work 9-5 jobs? Why do we try to attend the best schools, get the highest grades, and land the highest paying jobs? Most people don’t take two seconds to re-think the default answers to these questions, and I didn’t either.

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Opening Day and the Meaning of Life

Since University I’ve spent a significant amount of time chatting about interesting life topics and struggling to keep in touch with all of the fascinating friends and people I have met, especially overseas. At the same time, I’ve had the opportunity to take on some amazing projects, and set off on some crazy worldly adventures. This blog will be the central spot where I share my stories, explore my thoughts, and connect with like-minded people; be they friends, entrepreneurs, suits, villagers or fellow adventure seekers – the common thread, our passion for life.

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