Outbreak Canada (2010)

photo by natalia delgado

Only a few months after Circle Prinz, Famous Circle teamed up with the BboySpot to host Outbreak Canada. Serving as the Canadian prelim for the Outbreak Hip Hop World Finals in Orlando, Outbreak Canada drew a solid crowd of 350 dancers and spectators from around the Pacific Northwest. The South Koreans, Taiyo and Style Jack of the NON/Last 4 One crews took the win and the trip to Florida. Read the event review on famouscircle.com

Circle Prinz Canada (2010)

Circle Prinz Canada has been one of the few events in Canadian history to draw dancers (b-boys and b-girls) from across the country – BC to Quebec – as well as four US states: Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Virginia. After hours of ciphers and battles, Battle Born crew from Las Vegas came out victorious, winning the trip to represent at Circle Kingz in Switzerland – one of the most notorious underground battles in the World. Here’s a video of how it went down…

Famous Circle

Famous Circle developed out of a COOP work term during my Commerce and Entrepreneurship studies at the University of Victoria. I wasn’t interested in any of the job postings, so that left one other option. Create my own. So I co-founded Famous Circle and began building and supporting the Canadian breakdance (b-boy) community. At first the goal was to raise the standard of b-boy events in Vancouver, but soon the vision grew much larger: to connect and support Canadian dancers from coast to coast. In 2008 we made a great attempt with Cipher Famous, but we’ve truly done it with our events and the launch of our website and blog in 2010.

After being inspired by a trip to Tokyo, Japan in late 2009. We set off to organize top tier international events for 2010, Circle Prinz Canada (2010), Outbreak Canada (2010), and more recently a Canadian IBE Qualifier at the Filthee Feet 10 Year Anniversary (July 2011). Respectively, we provided opportunities for the event winners to travel to World Final competitions in Switzerland, Orlando Florida, and Holland. Alongside of the events, Famous Circle has become the most popular Canadian b-boy website, allowing us to truly connect and share stories and ideas within our community, and serve as the international face for the Canadian b-boy community.

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