Update: What I Learned At Summify Before Twitter Swooped Down and Snatched Up My Team.

In June 2011, I joined two Romanian hackers and ex Google interns, on their quest to build the next layer of the social internet: relevancy and content curation. Summify is your social news summary. Plunk in your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Readers accounts and POOF! The algorithms go to work and pump out your personalized social news summary, showcasing your top five to ten stories of each day or every few hours, via the web or on your mobile. Hands down, Summify is the easiest way to stay ontop of your news feeds. What’s the best part? After reading your Summary that’s it, you’re done! Relax and enjoy your life offline.

I’m the Community Guy in our amazing team, now five strong. My job as Community Builder is to connect with users, support them, and champion their engagement with Summify. I’m living the dream. Working in an early stage startup with a team of incredibly intelligent computer hackers who have great spirit and a squad of heavyhitting investors and advisors to back them up.

It’s an exciting time at Summify. We recently launched 1.1 of our iPhone app and were announced as a finalist to Launch@Grow: allowing us to pitch Summify at the 2011 Grow Conference Launch Party in Vancouver, BC.

Stay tuned to get more insights into start-up life and our adventures. Eager? Check out the company blog.

Robin Campbell
Robin Campbell

Thanks Doug. Let me know what you think after giving Summify a whirl. The more accounts you plug-in the better your Summaries tend to be.

Doug Brown
Doug Brown

This is cool. Nice job guys. I'm going to try it out.

Doug Brown
Doug Brown

Unfortunately there is so much wire-crossing between my personal and business use of social. I don't even have a personal Twitter account anymore and the business one is shared between a number of peeps, even if I tweet the lion's share of content. So not sure if I'm an ideal candidate for Summify. But I'm logged in and ready to give it a go.


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