The First Step Is To Think: Questions and Insight To Get You Started

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I never read much until my third year of University when I sat in on a presentation by Andrew Hewitt, author of The Power of Focus for College Students and then 24-year-old millionaire, at the University of Victoria. Although I was heading into the Entrepreneurhsip program, my ideas of career direction and opportunity were rather inside-the-box, status-quo and undiscovered. What does being “rich” mean? Why do people work 9-5 jobs? Why do we try to attend the best schools, get the highest grades, and land the highest paying jobs? Most people don’t take two seconds to re-think the default answers to these questions, and I didn’t either. I’d like to give Andrew credit for kick-starting my brain in a new direction as he shared ideas about how we can become programed to think in certain ways about money, careers and life; ways that can inhibit our growth, exploration, and understanding. Andrew credited the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki for getting him started on his journey of awakening, so I figured that it was a good place to start. My mind has been expanding in new directions ever since.

After recently re-reading the book. I wanted to share my favorite insights and some pieces of wisdom that may really stand out for you (not all excerpts are exact quotes):

Every human has a weak and needy part of their soul which can be bought and a strong part filled with resolve that can never be bought. Which is stronger?

Most of the time life doesn’t talk to you; it sort of pushes you around. Each push is life saying “wake up,” there’s something I want you to learn.

Be an observer, not a reactor of your emotions.

Do not let fear and desire control your thinking; ignorance of money causes this. Don’t let money rule your life.

Learn to use your emotions to think, not think with your emotions

A “job” is a short term solution to a long term problem.

Learn, don’t earn.

Be good at learning, selling and marketing. Be a good teacher and Student.

People are so afraid of losing that they lose.

Let losing inspire you to win. 90% of people play not to lose; they don’t play to win.

Don’t let the chicken littles of the World who shout doom and gloom affect you. Learn and make your own decisions. Don’t be afraid to lose; doubt and inaction are more expensive.

Which thought was your favorite? Which made you take a step back and think?

Now 24 years old, I may not be a millionaire, but I’m on the road to being my “rich.” Have you ever thought about what “rich” means to you?


@Robncampbell you have a fantastic blog. The most inspirational things in this article to me are: "Let losing inspire you to win. 90% of people play not to lose; they don’t play to win."

and this one: "Most of the time life doesn’t talk to you; it sort of pushes you around. Each push is life saying “wake up,” there’s something I want you to learn."

I read somewhere that it's best to read in the morning... make decisions in the noon and sleep at night. I'm glad I read this today.

Natalia Delgado Avila
Natalia Delgado Avila

Wow, crazy... We were totally on the same place of mind today then!! My favorite quotes are the second and third... been learning from them a lot lately. And, like we were saying, I would add the "who owns who?" question. We create our own limitations.

robincampbell moderator

@RhondasSongs Thank you Rhonda! The second quote you mentioned is one of my favorites too. It reminds me to step back and learn from whatever is going on at the time.

In the search to find what amps me up for the day, I've actually just started reading in the morning. What works for you? All the best with your music Rhonda :)

Robin Campbell
Robin Campbell

Ah yes, self awareness and control is probably some of the most difficult, but important abilities to improve.

Who owns who is definitely a topic for another day :)


@robincampbell@RhondasSongs I sit down with a cup of herbal tea & honey to travel round my little ecosystem... every now and then I get up and do a few yoga stretches while I digest something I've read or thought... sometimes i can hear lyrics ringing in my brain...the emotion behind the words...I know that you are a dancer so you'll understand what I'm saying. My songs are real to others because they're real to me... i've internalised the lyrics.

I check for personal messages...skimming through cyber-space and answer them. I read things people share in the news stream and pass along things that I genuinely etc... this streamlines my efforts you see... it inspires me and others and strengthens ties across all my SN platforms all at the same time.

I subscribe to BBC, CNN, NY Times, NY Post, Mashable, TechCrunch, Music Think Tank and a few obscure blogs about things that interest me. I skim the subtitles and read at least one article from each of them everyday (throughout the day). Then I Ping a wide range of subjects and it generates conversation with completely different types of people. I rarely respond to hype or RT requests and I don't send them. I think what works for me is authenticity and genuine interest in all sorts of stuff.

I could have just said I read a LOT and gossip about some of it with the universe.

you never know when or where inspiration will strike... so it's good to be ready at all times for it.

San Francisco is a gorgeous place to live. I think all of you are leaving Canada to live there... If I've got that right, then Enjoy your new life... every single minute of it.




@robincampbell Well I'm sorry you're losing so many friends all at once... they seem like great people to know. Smart, funny... eclectic.

I have a feeling you will find your own and do very very well. But I think you should be sleeping . Okay, I'm off to check the rest of my duck-pond in cyber-space.

robincampbell moderator

@RhondasSongs Thanks for sharing. You're right on, being genuine to others and yourself is the way to be.

I won't be joining our engineering team on their adventure to SF. I'm staying local, for now, and finding my own.

Stay well!


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